Hi I'm Marianne your host.

Looking for lots of sun, wild nature, rugged snow-capped peaks and endless rock to climb, my friend and I are stranded in the Hautes Alpes. After thirty-five years of living in the Netherlands, we decided in September 2018 to move.

Shortly thereafter we found this charming house. We saw the house and were immediately sold. Not without reason because it has a beautiful view, good location, is attractively designed and has a perfect layout for rental.

In addition, it is an excellent base for outdoor sports and if we do not work, we love to go climbing, mountain biking, hiking in the mountains and snowboarding. If you want to know more about the possibilities of practicing these sports, we will be happy to provide you with information.

When we bought the house we wanted to modernize it. In recent months we have been busy doing this. All apartments get a new kitchen and bathroom. The walls of the bedrooms have been painted and they have been given a new floor. All apartments are equipped with new furniture. We replace all wood stoves for eco-friendly fully automatic pellet stoves.

Before we started this great adventure in France, I worked as a veterinarian in the Netherlands. I have done this for five years. In the meantime I’m also competent to work in France as a veterinarian. In the future I’m going to use my experience as a veterinarian again and offer organized holidays 'First aid for dogs'.